7 December 2020

THESIS DEFENSE | Johanna Dickmann

"Formation of long-ranged morphogen gradients by cell-to-cell relay"

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27 November 2020


"Characterisation of enzymatic reactions in coacervate-based synthetic cells"

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25 November 2020

THESIS DEFENSE | James Cleland

“An investigation into mechanisms of regeneration specificity in planarian flatworms”

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13 November 2020

THESIS DEFENSE | Mareike Jordan

"High-Resolution Structural Analysis of Intraflagellar Transport"

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10 November 2020

THESIS DEFENSE | Ioannis Nellas

"The effect of Hedgehog and insulin signaling on energy metabolism in the growing Drosophila wing"

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2 November 2020


"Cellular, Cytoskeletal, and Biophysical Mechanisms of Spiral Cleavage during Platynereis dumerilii Embryogenesis"

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15 October 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT | 2021 Student Research Internships

Bachelor & Master students encouraged to apply 15.10.2020 - 31.01.2021


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5 October 2020

THESIS DEFENSE | Stefan Golfier

“Cell cycle-specific DNA loop extrusion by cohesin and condensin"

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22 July 2020

New Admission Procedure for PhD Students

Applications for the PhD Program are now welcome at any time

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20 August 2019

6th Dresden Summer School in Systems Biology

International Students Explore Computational Approaches to Biological Systems

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