Student Representatives

The PhD student representatives (StudReps) are the elected voice of our PhD students. This group is dedicated to preserving the high quality work and shaping the future of our program. They are members of a variety of relevant committees that represent the PhD student body. The StudReps organize a rich variety of PhD student-driven activities. They also represent the IMPRS in interaction with our DIPP partners and in the Biopolis Dresden community. 

Feel free to contact the IMPRS student representatives with any ideas or comments.

Alice Cezanne

Predoc 2014/15
Zerial Group

James Cleland

Predoc 2015/16
Rink Group

Catiá Crespo

Predoc 2013
Knust Group

Jiaye He

Predoc 2015
Huisken Group

Yu-Wen Hsieh

Predoc 2014
Tomancak Group

Akanksha Jain

Predoc 2013
Tomancak Group

Kaushikaram Subramanian    

Predoc 2014/15
Kreysing Group

“As a StudRep, I have the privilege of representing an incredible bunch of motivated young people from around the world. I particularly enjoy the endless opportunities that StudReps have to organise events and promote interactions (both scientific and not-so-scientific…) between IMPRS PhD students, but also with the broader Dresden research community.”

James Cleland (Predoc, Rink Lab)

Max Planck PhD Net

Beyond our local PhD Student community, our PreDocs are also connected to peers working at other Max Planck Institutes. The Max Planck PhDnet is the official network of all Max Planck Society PhD students. The group manages a convenient web portal that facilitates communication between students, programs, and the society. The key goals are to strengthen internal organization and collaboration between sites. The Max Planck PhDnet can also be a valuable tool for career planning.


2018 PhD Positions

Application Opens: Sep 2017

Application Closes: Jan 2018

Interview Week: 5 - 9 March 2018