Pizza, Science, & Beyond

Pizza, Science, and Beyond” (PSB) is an event series conceived and piloted by our Predocs, intended to bring together PhD students from different institutes and backgrounds to discuss science. 

The agenda features a “chalk talk” delivered by a student, explicitly prepared to stimulate discussion with members of the audience. They encourage active discussion by emphasizing future plans and general concepts, rather than hardcore data. Moreover, to ensure plenty of interaction, both the introducer and the speaker explicitly ask the audience to actively participate by asking questions, interrupting, or offering a suggestion at any time. 

This initiative exemplifies our program's ideal of Scientific Research & Creativity, fostering the exchange of ideas and encouraging collaborations between DIPP PhD students. 


2018 PhD Positions

Application Opens: Sep 2017

Application Closes: Jan 2018

Interview Week: 5 - 9 March 2018