Pizza, Science, & Beyond

Pizza, Science, and Beyond” (PSB) is an event series conceived and piloted by our Predocs, intended to bring together PhD students from different institutes and backgrounds to discuss science. 

The agenda features a “chalk talk” delivered by a student, explicitly prepared to stimulate discussion with members of the audience. They encourage active discussion by emphasizing future plans and general concepts, rather than hardcore data. Moreover, to ensure plenty of interaction, both the introducer and the speaker explicitly ask the audience to actively participate by asking questions, interrupting, or offering a suggestion at any time. 

This initiative exemplifies our program's ideal of Scientific Research & Creativity, fostering the exchange of ideas and encouraging collaborations between DIPP PhD students. 

2019 Talks

19 June 2019

CRISPRing Cancer: How​ the CRISPR/Cas9 system can​ help us find out cancer's vulnerabilities

Shady Sayed, Buchholz Lab (Biotec)


8 May 2018

Nanopore vs PacBio: Sequencing of directed evolution products

Lukas Schmitt, Buchholz Lab (Biotec)


17 April 2019

What do cells do to stay together during morphogenesis?

Romina Piscitello-Gomez, Eaton Lab (MPI-CBG)


13 March 2019

Influence of transplantation on the maturation of human stem cell derived beta cells

Stephen Enos, Speier Lab (PLID)


13 February 2019

Phase separation provides a mechanism to reduce noise in cells

Florian Oltsch, Zechner Lab (MPI-CBG/CSBD)


9 January 2019

Disarming our vessels - clues behind the inability of endothelial cells to withstand prolonged cigarette smoke exposure

Mohamed Almedawar, Morawietz Lab (MTZ)

2018 Talks

21 November 2018

Spatial organisation of membrane proteins: what can we learn from a simulation?

Anastasia Solomatina, Sbalzarini Lab (MPI-CBG/CSBD)


10 October 2018

DYI evolution: make your own enzyme

Martin Schneider, Buchholz Lab (Biotec)


12 September 2018

Go with the flow: Modelling & characterisation of vascular networks

Felix Kramer, Modes Lab (MPI-CBG/CSBD)


15 August 2018

The regulation of zygotic genome activation in nuclear space

Ksenia Kuznetsova, Vastenhouw Lab (MPI-CBG)


20 June 2018

Drosophila Surprise Eggs - a story of elongation and rotation

Sonja Purkert, Dahmann Lab (TU Dresden)


16 May 2018

Setting the path for the next (re)generation: Bone resorption upon amputation in Axolotl

Camilo Riquelme Guzman, Sandoval Guzman Lab (CRTD)


18 April 2018

The story of one thousand and one clones: Unraveling the function of ultraconserved elements

Aksana Schneider, Buchholz Lab (Biotec)


21 March 2018

How compartmentalisation of proteins on membranes regulates organelle functionality

Alice Cezanne, Zerial Lab (MPI-CBG)


14 February 2018

ATACing zebrafish genome activation: how do transcription factors shape the chromatin landscape?

Mate Palfy, Vastenhouw Lab (MPI-CBG)

2017 Talks

15 November 2017

The physics of making an egg

Arghyadip Mukherjee, Jülicher Lab (MPI-PKS)


20 September 2017

Harnessing the power of genome engineering technologies

Felix Lansing, Buchholz Lab (TUD Medical Campus)


21 June 2017

Antigen Specific redirection of T cells against Tumor Cells

Nicola Mitwasi, Bachmann Lab (MTZ)


24 May 2017

Understanding metabolic pathways by quantitative proteomics

Bharath Kumar Raghuraman, Shevchenko Lab (MPI-CBG)


19 April 2017

Chromatin reorganisation in photoreceptors has beneficial effect on the optics of retina

Kaushik Subramanian, Kreysing Lab (MPI-CBG)


8 March 2017

Automated in vivo drug screen against inflammation using zebrafish

Tohid Siddiqui, Zeissig Lab (CRTD)


15 February 2017

How to make a dendritic cell: where do the defenders of the human body come from?

Jelena Popovic, Jessberger Lab (MTZ)


18 January 2017

Generation of cone photoreceptor precursors from embryonic stem cells

Silvia Llonch, Ader Lab (CRTD)

2016 Talks

14 December 2016

Anti-oxidative response of vascular endothelial cells after exposure to cigarette smoke

Mohamad Almedawar, Morawietz Lab (MTZ)


23 November 2016

Epigenetic manipulation of mouse neurogenesis

Florian Noack, Calegari Lab (CRTD)


16 October 2016

Exploiting endocytic trafficking mechanisms to improve siRNA delivery

Prasath Paramasivam, Zerial Lab (MPI-CBG)


14 September 2016

The long and winding road to beetlemania in tissue morphogenesis

Akanksha Jain, Tomancak Lab (MPI-CBG)


17 August 2016

Neural stem cell expansion and cognitive function

Gabriel Berdugo, Calegari Lab (CRTD)


20 July 2016

The role of histones in transcriptional regulation

Shai Joseph, Vastenhouw Lab (MPI-CBG)


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