Research Internships

We offer Student Research Internships for motivated Bachelor or Master students who are truly enthusiastic about getting research experience during their university studies! Our IMPRS interns take a front-row seat to participate in top-notch research in progress and are members of the hosting research groups.

This is a purely-research-based internship: IMPRS interns get scientific work experience in our highly cooperative and international research environment. The internship period is spent working on a scientific research question, with support and mentoring provided by both young and experienced researchers in the host group.

“My time at MPI-CBG has been amazing with smooth integration into the group. The atmosphere at the institute is very encouraging and it has always been easy to approach and learn new techniques from experts at the facilities.”

Shruti Krishnan (U Wuerzburg, Germany) was an intern in the Pigino lab in 2016.

“The IMPRS internship provided me with an excellent exposure to the interdisciplinary work involving my subject area of study, i.e. Computer Science. And nothing could replace the experience of working as an IMPRS intern in Ivo Sbalzarini’s group.”

Anmol Gupta (Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India) was an intern in the Sbalzarini Lab in 2016



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Deadline 9 February 2024