Fall Principles of Light Microscopy Course

Kicking off a popular training session with theoretical & practical components

One of the most popular training opportunities offered in the Dresden International PhD Program (DIPP) is the “Principles of Light Microscopy” course. The fall session kicked off Monday 11 September in the MPI-CBG Galleria, and will run through Friday 15 September.

12 participants, generally DIPP PhD students, gain both theoretical understanding and practical experience, as didactic instruction is followed by "hands-on" sessions at teaching microscopes. The first part of the course is taught by Dr. Peter Evennett from the Royal Microscopical Society, UK, a well-known teacher of light microscopy with dozens of years of experience. The course is supported by experts from the light microscopy facilities of the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform (BioDIP). BioDIP consists of imaging facilities of MPI-CBG, BIOTEC, CRTD, MTZ and DZNE.

Offered 1-2 times per year, the course covers the basics of bright field microscopy and contrast techniques (phase contrast, DIC, dark field, polarised light, basics of fluorescence). Digital imaging using CCD cameras is also covered, along with a very basic introduction to confocal microscopy and optical sectioning techniques. The course is suitable for people with no prior formal microscopy training, experienced microscope users who may know which button to press (but not why), and those with good theoretical physics background but little hands-on experience.


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