26 April 2018


"The role of transcription factors in shaping the chromatin landscape and regulating the timing of zygotic genome activation in zebrafish"

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25 April 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Akanksha Jain

"Molecular, cellular and mechanical basis of epithelial morphogenesis during Tribolium embryogenesis"

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23 April 2018

AWARDS | Otto Hahn Medal to Kirstin Meyer & Jaroslav Icha

Max Planck Society recognizes 2 IMPRS-CellDevoSys graduates for outstanding scientific achievements


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23 April 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Marija Matejčić

"Coordination of tissue shape and size in the developing zebrafish neuroepithelium"

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18 April 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Wolfram Pönisch

"Dynamics of bacterial aggregates - theory guided by experiments"

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9 April 2018

Biology in Cyberspace

Apply now for the 5th Dresden Summer School in Systems Biology

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29 March 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Guendalini Marini

"High-resolution insights into macromolecular assembly: a yeast's survival strategy"

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28 March 2018


"Phenotype-related regulatory element and transcription factor identification via phylogeny-aware discriminative sequence motif scoring"

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5 March 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT | Spring 2018 Selection Week

A warm welcome to our talented international candidates

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29 January 2018

2018 Biopolis Dresden PhD Symposium

A practical event for Life Science PhD Students created by other PhD Students

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