5 October 2020

THESIS DEFENSE | Stefan Golfier

“Cell cycle-specific DNA loop extrusion by cohesin and condensin"

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22 July 2020

New Admission Procedure for PhD Students

Applications for the PhD Program are now welcome at any time

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20 August 2019

6th Dresden Summer School in Systems Biology

International Students Explore Computational Approaches to Biological Systems

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28 June 2019

AWARDS | Otto Hahn Medal for Franziska Decker and Daniel Mateju

Special honor for outstanding early career researchers

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23 May 2019

THESIS DEFENSE | Alice Cezanne

"Reconstitution of endosomal Rab5 domain formation in vitro"

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22 May 2019

THESIS DEFENSE | Iskra Yanakieva

"Distinct actin-dependent mechanisms ensure apical nuclear migration in different zebrafish neuroepithelia"

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20 May 2019

Annual Career Symposium 2019

Ever considered a career outside of academia?

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6 May 2019

THESIS DEFENSE | Nicolai Wagner

"A photochemical method for organelle specific modulation of cellular lipid levels"

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22 March 2019

THESIS DEFENSE | Christiane Iserman

"Stress-induced Phase Separation as an adaptive Strategy to regulate Gene Expression"

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11 March 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT | Spring 2019 Selection Week

A warm welcome to our talented international candidates

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