13 September 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Srija Bhagavatula

"Significance of crb mRNA localization to protein localization and function."

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27 August 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Matthäus Mittasch

"Light-driven intracellular flow perturbations reveal physical principles of cell organization"

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22 August 2018

NEWS | Summer Learning at CSBD

Students Explore Computer Simulation in Systems Biology

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18 June 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Prasath Paramasivam

"Investigation into the mechanisms of small molecule delivery enhancers of cholesterol conjugated siRNA"

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11 June 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Franziska Decker

"Mechanisms of microtubule nucleation in metaphase spindles and how they set spindle size"

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2 May 2018


"Dynamic regulation of Crumbs at the plasma membrane during epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster"

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26 April 2018


"The role of transcription factors in shaping the chromatin landscape and regulating the timing of zygotic genome activation in zebrafish"

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25 April 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Akanksha Jain

"Molecular, cellular and mechanical basis of epithelial morphogenesis during Tribolium embryogenesis"

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23 April 2018

AWARDS | Otto Hahn Medal to Kirstin Meyer & Jaroslav Icha

Max Planck Society recognizes 2 IMPRS-CellDevoSys graduates for outstanding scientific achievements


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23 April 2018

THESIS DEFENSE | Marija Matejčić

"Coordination of tissue shape and size in the developing zebrafish neuroepithelium"

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