7 December 2017

THESIS DEFENSE | Jaydeep Sidhaye

"Cellular dynamics in zebrafish optic cup morphogenesis"

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28 November 2017

THESIS DEFENSE | Bevan Cheeseman

"The Adaptive Particle Representation (APR) for Simple and Efficient Adaptive Resolution Processing, Storage and Simulations"

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15 November 2017

THESIS DEFENSE | Stephan Daetwyler

"Systematic Analysis of Vascular Patterning in Zebrafish"

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30 October 2017


"Competition for DNA binding between histones and transcription factors regulates the timing of zygotic genome activation in zebrafish embryos"

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11 October 2017

DIPP Vision Talks Begin

Jacqueline Tabler opens 2017-2018 series of presentations

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1 October 2017

Application Opens - 2018 PhD Positions

Candidates encouraged to apply starting 1st October. Registration is due 7 January!

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11 September 2017

Fall Principles of Light Microscopy Course

Kicking off a popular training session with theoretical & practical components

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7 September 2017

THESIS DEFENSE | Daniel Matějů

"Effect of misfolded proteins and the proteostasis machinery on the properties of stress-inducible RNP granules"

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1 September 2017

2018 Student Research Internships

Bachelor & Master students encouraged to apply 01.09.2017 - 31.01.2018

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7 August 2017

THESIS DEFENSE | Hernán Morales-Navarrete

"Reconstruction and quantitative analysis of liver tissue organization"

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