1 November 2016

First-ever Biopolis Dresden PhD Symposium

23.01.17 A practical event for Life Science PhD Students created by other PhD Students

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10 October 2016


17.10.16 "Parallel distributed-memory particle methods for acquisition-rate segmentation and uncertainty quantifications of large fluorescence...

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16 September 2016

THESIS DEFENSE | Corinna Blasse

23.09.16 "Towards Accurate and Efficient Cell Tracking During Fly Wing Development"

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16 September 2016

THESIS DEFENSE | Carine Stapel

23.09.16 "The road to uniform gene expression - How zebrafish embryos overcome a game of chance"

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14 September 2016

THESIS DEFENSE | Ludek Stepanek

27.09.16 "Structure and dynamics of intraflagellar transport trains"

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12 September 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT | A Warm Welcome to the Fall Selection Week

Today, we welcome over 40 candidates from 19 countries who applied for the predoctoral positions offered within the IMPRS-CellDevoSys and the DIGS-BB....

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30 August 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT | Pizza, Science, & Beyond Series

Thanks to a group of creative, invested Predocs, our program has a new

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5 August 2016


12.08.16 "Dissecting Crumbs to understand its function in epithelial development of Drosophila embryos"

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12 July 2016

AWARDS | Boehringer Ingelheim Fellowship for James Cleland

James Cleland, a PhD student in the research lab of

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20 April 2016

AWARDS | Boehringer Ingelheim Fellowship for Juan Manuel Iglesias Artola

Juan Manuel Iglesias Artola, PhD student in the lab of 

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