Student Life

Moving to Dresden

Moving to a new city or even country may be exciting for some, but intimidating for others. Our International Office provides expert support for international PhD students. We can assist with many formalities on an individual basis after arrival in Dresden, including visa issues, accommodations, bank accounts, and insurance. For more information on finding housing or getting started in Dresden, visit the DIPP website.

Living in Dresden

One of the many perks of living in Dresden is that it blends the advantages of city life with the close feeling of a small town community. Moreover, the cost of living here is still lower than many other European cities. The city boasts a number of festivals, museums, libraries, theaters, sporting events, and other cultural activities. There is a well-connected public transportation system, with a number of buses, trains, and trams to get you around; there is also a lovely path along the Elbe river for those who like to bike or run.

Life at our Institute

The public areas of our Research Institutes are constantly buzzing with activity. Connections between students, faculty, and staff are built over lunch in the Canteen, before a prominent speaker's Seminar, or in the evening for a student-organized social event. A number of clubs, from crafts to climbing to gaming to guitars, show the range of interests in our community. Through these formal and informal connections, our Predocs are keen on building a network that will serve them throughout their career.

““I loved the parties! We had lots of fun, with so many young people – both predocs and faculty – in our community. Scientifically, my time at MPI-CBG was extraordinarily productive and definitely kick-started my career.””

Ralf Kittler is Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. He completed his PhD thesis work in Frank Buchholz’s group and graduated in 2006.


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