Services & Facilities

The MPI-CBG invests extensively in Services and Facilities to allow research scientists shared access to sophisticated and expensive technologies. The Institute also develops new technologies necessary to realize the research mission. All these features are open and available for IMPRS PhD students.

In addition, the spirit of sharing extends beyond our program. The DRESDEN-concept has united a number of institutional partners to develop synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration. 

The impressive portfolio of scientific instruments, services, and technologies available at MPI-CBG can be viewed at the Dresden Technology Portal, which is a joint database by the DRESDEN-concept partners.

“The services and facilities are stellar, unlike any other place I have been to. I have great memories and would not hesitate to come back right away!”

Radoslaw Ejsmont was a PhD student with Pavel Tomancak and graduated in 2010. He is now a postdoctoral researcher at the ICM - Brain & Spine Institute in Paris, France.


2018 PhD Positions

Application Opens: Sep 2017

Application Closes: Jan 2018

Interview Week: 5 - 9 March 2018